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Volunteer to Help Pass Measure B!

Yes on B for Marin County Library is a grassroots effort that relies upon volunteers from our local community. Measure B needs majority support from Marin voters in order to win. That is why we count on community leaders like you to volunteer and give a few hours of your time to this important campaign. 


By contacting local voters directly, we can convey the critical importance of Measure B and answer any questions voters may have. We can’t win without volunteers participating in these essential campaign activities.


Click the button below to sign up and get involved in the campaign!

Request a Yes on B Lawn Sign

If you would like to request a Yes on B lawn sign, please visit the link below. Signs will be available in mid-September and a volunteer will deliver one to your home.


Sign up to volunteer


Request a YES on B lawn sign


Endorse Measure B


Donate to our grassroots campaign

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