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Vote YES on B to repair our aging libraries, increase our book and ebook collections and most importantly, prevent branches from closing and operating hours from being cut.

Our Marin County libraries are an extremely valuable community resource. Library usage continues to increase and Measure B will maintain and enhance library programs in all branches, for all Marin County residents.

vote yes on b:

  • Keep library branches from being closed

  • Repair leaking roofs, siding, and replace deteriorating foundations and HVAC systems

  • Increase book and ebook collections

  • Maintain library services for seniors, residents with disabilities and families

  • Maintain library hours and 24/7 online library access


Many of our library facilities are over 50 years old and their electrical and technology systems need to be updated. Renewing Measure B will provide necessary funding to make essential repairs and upgrades to local libraries as well as maintain library programs for youth, seniors and residents with disabilities. Measure B supports computer and internet access for residents who do not have access at home, school, or work.

Without Measure B, there will be cuts in library hours, collections, staff and services.

Low-income and at-risk residents in Marin County rely on our public libraries for vital educational and career resources.


All Measure B funds will remain under local control to support Marin County libraries and nothing can be cut by the State or redirected for other purposes.

Fiscal Accountability is Required:

  • All funds must be used for Marin County library services

  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits ensure funds are spent as promised

  • Businesses in Marin County would be paying their fair share and it will not fall solely on homeowners to foot the bill


Join your five Marin County Supervisors, community leaders and Marin residents in voting YES on B to renew essential funding and protect our local libraries.


Sign up to volunteer


Request a YES on B lawn sign


Endorse Measure B


Donate to our grassroots campaign

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