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Vote YES on B to Protect our Library Services

Measure B, on the November 8, 2022 ballot, will repair our aging libraries, increase our book and ebook collections and most importantly, prevent branches from closing and operations hours from being cut.

Measure B will support Marin library services by:

  • Keep library branches from being closed 

  • Repair leaking roofs and siding and replace deteriorating foundations

  • Increase book and ebook collections

  • Maintaining library services for seniors, residents with disabilities and families who are trying to improve their lives

  • Maintain library hours and 24/7 online library access


Measure B needs a 66.7% YES vote in order to pass – so every vote will make a difference!

Join us in passing Measure B to protect our library services!

Sign up to volunteer


Request a YES on B lawn sign


Endorse Measure B


Donate to our grassroots campaign

By mail, by November 8, vote YES on B to protect our library services! 
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